Bohemian Seagrass Wicker Basket


Each of our seagrass wicker basket is handwoven by our skilled artisans marked by their excellent craftsmanship. The straws are locally grown and handpicked to ensure that only the highest quality of materials are transformed into these baskets. The neutral color fits into most home decors. This versatile basket offers a charming storage for your precious keepsakes and adds in a touch of texture to any space.

Content and Care

  • Item can be washed directly with water or wipe with damp cloth.
  • To dry, place in a well-ventilated spot.


(diameter x height)
Small: 23 x 20 cm. / 9" x 8" 
Medium: 27 x 23 cm. / 11" x 9"
Large: 32 x 28 cm. / 13" x 11"

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