Premium Silk Eucalyptus Foliage

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Incorporate your own space with objects that speak to you. The eucalyptus plant possesses a purifying effect on a spiritual level. It symbolizes strength, leadership, focus, and healing. Our eucalyptus foliage will bring an indoor oasis to your homes and provide you with an upgrade to your plant game.

This item includes 1 Stem of Eucalyptus.

Content & Care

  • Vase not included.
  • We bend the stems for certain bouquets for shipping purposes, and they can be easily straightened out of the package.
  • If the flower petals are slightly deformed during transit, it can be straightened to perfect condition by steaming with water, or placing it under direct sunlight.
  • The flower head can be easily detached and reattached to the stem. Some bouquets will come with the flowers detached for shipping purposes.


68 cm. / 26.77"

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